*** PHS Phoenix Speed ***


This unique Speed unit fits into a 4" cutout , the instrument will display:

Boat Speed  *  Water Temperature  *  Average Speed  *  VMG   *

Battery Voltage  * Trip Log  *  Total Log  *  Up Timer  * 

Down Timer  *  NMEA Input data

Front toggle Switch

All functions & operations are controlled by this switch.

The switch operates in the up (p) and down (q) positions only. In the normal operation mode the toggle can be used to scroll up or down to select different screen functions. In the MENU mode down is used to SCROLL and up to ENTER.

Menuís and Sub-Menuís


The Menu can be accessed by holding down the toggle switch for 3 seconds. Some displayís have their own sub-menu for quick access settings. For example Average Speed and Trip log have their own sub-menuís. Speed, Temp, and Voltage do not have sub-menuís. Holding down the toggle switch will enter the menu selection ac







Rear panel contains all connections.

SPD GRD H2O :  used to connect speed/temp sensor for use as a main unit

LOG GRD PPM : LOG output is +12 vdc pulsed every .1 NM The PPM is Pulse per NM set at 200. Selection can be made through menu for 100 or 400 as well.

ALR+ / ALR- : +12vdc output for external alarm.

NMEA IN : Two NMEA 0183 input connections. 1A(+) 1B(-) & 2A(+) & 2B(-) both inputs are combined and exit NMEA OUT port 2. Both data inputs can be viewed in menu under NMEA Reader function.

NMEA OUT : Two NMEA 0183 outputs connections. Port 1 contains only PHS NMEA data. Port 2 contains port 1 & port 2 inputs as well as PHS outputs.

NEG POS LGT : Power and night light inputs. Input voltage is 12vdc. Use jumper across POS & LGT for night light operation, or remove jumper and use external light control for night light intensity adjustment.