Very good question, first a little background.

Datamarine International was established in 1969 by Howard Hill and soon became the mainstay of marine electronics throughout the 1980's and early 1990's. In the late 1980's Datamarine International acquired SEA inc. in Washington State. In the late 1990's the companies were combined and all sales, production and operations, except for the Service facility were moved to Washington State. The Service Department remained in Pocasset MA and ran by Steve as he had done since 1990. In 2001 all Datamarine production was halted and the service department shut down. In 2010 the web site was gone.

In 2001 the remaining Datamarine service personnel  formed DMI Marine to continue providing parts, service and technical support to the Datamarine product line. In the years afterwards we followed up our support to the products with our own line of instruments and replacement parts and transducers. With intimate product knowledge and with the help of Engineers from the days of past we are able to offer exceptional service, parts and new products such as the round Phoenix Instruments.

For a couple of years another company, Datamarine Instruments, popped up claiming to be the original Datamarine International with a web page illustrating discontinued instruments. After offering service and parts they also disappeared.

Datamarine International themselves denied any link between the two companies.



The bottom line:

DMI Marine is your service facility for the Datamarine product line as well as replacement instruments. At DMI Marine we offer you good reliable, dependable, no nonsense products and service. Period.

DMI Marine The good guys.



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