Throughout the years there have been a lot of questions asked about troubleshooting techniques. This page is dedicated to providing simple answers to boating questions. 

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Q1  Most often asked question
When I search the web I find DMI Marine but not Datamarine International or Datamairine Instruments. What happened to them?

I received the DMI SX-120 speed sensor for my old S100KL knot log. Thanks.
But I have a couple of questions. 
1)The cable is not long enough to reach from the thru-hull to the instrument. Is it expected to splice in the additional cable needed?
2)Also - the cable is finished off with a female-end. The transducer input on the instrument is also female. Is the solution to find a male/male adapter or do I need to splice a new adapter to the cable?

I have a Datamarine wind machine. The wind direction works fine, but the wind speed only shows zero’s on the LCD. The wind cups continue to spin and I have performed the ohm test in the back of the manual but do not see a problem. Any suggestions?


I received my repaired Masthead unit back from service over the winter and I left it in the box until I was ready to install the unit in the spring. Now when I went to remove it I noticed some oil had leaked from between the wind vane and the body onto the cardboard. Is this ok?


My S200DL (or LX201) depth sounder reads MSD18.8 is this a problem in my instrument or the transducer?


My S100KL only shows 0.0 on the LCD. The front switch moves freely and the LCD indicates a change when the toggle is moved from SPEED to DISTANCE. Is there a test I can do to isolate the fault?





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